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Rules for Writing Submissions
  1. Remember this is a forum for improving your skill at science fiction and fantasy writing, not a discussion forum or self promotion platform.
  2. Your submission MUST be a piece of legitimate creative writing, which means it must have a plot, characters, and a setting.
  3. Keep your submission between 250 to 2000 words. Any longer, and it just takes too long to give a good critique for.
  4. Keep it PG-13 or cleaner. Specifically, no gratuitous violence, sexual content, or profanity. Use your common sense - if it's not the type of stuff we would want a 7th grader or someone younger to be reading, then this forum isn't a good fit for it. Sorry!
  5. Plagiarized content (including anything written by other users of this website) will be grounds for legal action. Don't do it.
  6. Violating any of these guidelines will result in your post being flagged and most likely removed. Sorry :(