This is a website dedicated to the craft and arcanum of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing. If you’ve always dreamed of being able to create fantastic worlds and write compelling stories about such things as magical cats and extraordinarily masculine genies then this is your place.

It is also the home of the video lectures of Brandon Sanderson, fantasy author extraordinaire, filmed during his 2012 creative writing class at Brigham Young University. He’s awesome.

On a more personal note, I’m the founder of this site and my name is Scott Ashton. I’m a former student of Brandon’s, and when I took his class I was struck by the strong feeling that the rest of the world needed to be able to access the vast quantities of pure gold that issued forth from Brandon’s lips every time he opened his mouth. And so the concept for this website was born. For a couple of legal purposes, the website is actually run under the auspices of the business entity known as Mandrake Educational Media, so you might see references to that sometimes in the site.

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