Plots by outlining

Main points

  • Keep track of cool ideas or visuals you encounter having to do with plot, character, or setting.
  • When you have enough of these cool ideas, synthesize and combine them into a complete story. Connect all the pieces together.
  • Write a book guide listing the elements of your plot, character, and setting.
  • Where you see holes in your story or setting, generate new ideas to fill them.
  • Create a list of various subplots and capital P plots in your book. Figure out where you eventually want the plot to go and work backwards: “What needs to happen for this to occur?”
  • Once it’s all mapped out, write your novel straight through not stopping to edit or revise. If you decide you need to change something mid stream, write a note to yourself and then simply keep going forward as if you had already revised. You can come back during the revision process and make the necessary changes.

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