Writing group essentials

Main Points

  • When critiquing other’s writing, NEVER just say “it was good”. Mention the specific details that you liked or didn’t like.
  • NEVER give “should” comments. Let them know what bored you and what engaged you but don’t try to turn someone else’s book into your own.
  • ONLY critique with big conceptual issues such as strengths/weaknesses of the plot, the characters, pacing, etc. Don’t correct small editorial details.
  • NEVER defend yourself. You CANNOT say a word while your book is getting critiqued. Your writing group exists primarily to be a test audience for your novel and you’re simply there to gauge their reaction.
  • Write down the feedback you receive from your writing group and during your revision process decide what you will keep or throw away (Brandon throws away about half of his writing group’s suggestions)

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